Semillon Sauvignon Blanc

RRP: $24.95

Pick Date: March 17
Tonnes picked: 2.2t Sauvignon Blanc 2.8t Semillon
Bottles Produced: 3,671

2017 Semillon Press numbers

Baume:        10.4

pH:              3.24

TA:              7.5

2017 Sauvignon Blanc Press numbers

Baume:        11.7

pH:              3.25

TA:              8.5

2017 SSB Wine numbers

pH:              3.25

TA:              8.5

Alc%:          11.5%

VintageWine ShowMedal Year Entered/Won
2017Wine Show of WASilver2017
Margaret River Wine ShowBronze2017
Wine Show of WABronze2018
Australian and New Zealand Boutique Wine ShowBronze2018
Perth Royal Wine ShowBronze2018
Wine Show of WABronze2019
Sydney Royal Wine ShowBronze2019
Perth Royal Wine ShowBronze2019


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